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 cnReach™ N500 220 MHz Radio

For outdoor critical infrastructure operations, cnReach transports process monitoring and control data from the remote sensor back to the
operations center supporting real-time automated decision making and on-going analytics. Covering large geographic areas, hard to reach terrain and challenging spectrum environments, cnReach delivers reliable, secure connectivity to the petrochemical,electric utility, water/wastewater/stormwater andtransportation industries. cnReach eases the migrationto modern networks by combining legacy serial and analog/digital I/O with TCP/IP and Ethernet connectivity. Fully integrated into a ‘single pane-of-glass’ managementplatform (cnMaestro™) cnReach helps bridge the IT/OT sidesof complex organizations. Combining cnReach’s licensed and unlicensed narrow-band radios with Cambium Networks’ broadband technologies, industrial organizations are delivering end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things solutions today.

• Licensed 220 MHz (217 - 222 MHz / FCC Part 80 and Part 90)
• Up to 5W transmit (37 dBm); (limited to 2W in 217 to 220 MHz per FCC)
• Point-to-point, Point-to-multipoint and Relay configurations in same hardware
• Secure communications with AES 128/256-bit encryption and password authentication
• Highly reliable communications with access point synchronization and adaptive modulation
• Single and dual radio configurations for advanced back-to-back relay topologies.
• Extensive I/O capabilities easing the transition from serial to all-IP networks with multiple serial ports, Ethernet ports
and analog/digital I/O built-in.
• Sophisticated network planning with LINKPlanner, a no-charge planning tool enabling network designers to predict
both capacity and availability of networks crossing all of Cambium’s technologies.
• Supported by cnMaestro software for monitoring the status of entire networks carrying traffic across sensors