Install one AP device and change everything.

PMP 450m with cnMedusa™ Massive MU-MIMO technology delivers ground breaking spectral efficiency in a highly integrated package, while being managed from a single pane of glass in the Cloud.

The PMP 450m Access Point (AP) with cnMedusa™ Massive MU-MIMO technology enables network operators to rapidly provide faster Internet connections to significantly more people, places, and things. cnMedusa™ will absolutely change the commercial wireless broadband industry.

Key Features

  • Massive MU-MIMO – Combining Beamforming and multiple RF chains yields more than 3X throughput, (vs. PMP 450), to over 400 Mbps by changing only the AP hardware.
  • Integrated 90° sector antenna array - Leading Edge antenna innovation brings Smart Beamforming to the 450 platform, ZERO RF cables to connect or weatherproof.
  • Multiple RF chains - 14 x 14 MIMO system allows simultaneous communication to up to seven SMs.
  • Compatible with existing SM - Protect your investment and realize capacity upgrade without any field dispatches to subscriber sites.
  • Frequency Re-Use - Using the same 20 MHz channel, capacity enhancements are attained without any network changes, but resulting in vastly increased Spectral Efficiency.
  • Multiple I/O options - AUX port (second Ethernet port) with multiple functions allow for greater flexibility of deployment. A SFP port is also available for optical connection.

High performance, synchronization and low latency modules for access and backhaul

The Cambium Networks 450 leads the wireless access network platform industry. Available in Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point options, the 450 platform is optimized for rate, reach, reliability and throughput.

PMP 450i wide band 5GHz Connectorized Access Point (FCC). Cambium Network’s 450i product platform is one of the most scalable industrial-grade wireless broadband solution available. Covering a wide frequency band from 4900-5925 MHz in a single radio, the 450i triples the processing power of the standard PMP 450 series. The high processing power allows for 40MHz channel widths doubling capacity. 

The 450i series radios also utilize higher transmit power, increased receive sensitivity and dynamic interference filtering to provide up to 3 times the range of the standard 450 series radios. The rugged industrial design and construction allows the 450i to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Power scheme makes the 450i radios 802.3at compatible and provides an auxiliary port with PoE output for connecting cameras or other PoE powered edge devices.