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Future Technologies recognizes that businesses must manage the complexities of ever-changing technologies, need to have long-lived applications, and desire to avoid the pitfalls of technology lock-ins. We also understand that businesses are constantly challenged to reduce capital expenditures while at the same time understanding that critical applications and services are only as effective as the network they run on.

The optimal infrastructure provides additional functionality, scale, and resilience to the network and makes the business more agile and responsive to change. Increasingly, companies are looking for customized infrastructures that are best positioned to meet all of these challenges. Future Technologies can provide flexible solutions for your varying business and market needs.

Trusted by top corporations, Future Technologies is uniquely qualified to offer high-performance,
cost-effective, customized infrastructure solutions to corporations and service providers that offer immediate benefit and will continue to add value as your business grows and as future products and applications emerge.


    Redline Communication



    Core Network Technologies

  • ASN Gateways
  • Home Agent
  • Mobile Internet Platform
  • Element Management System


    Core Network Technologies

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Phone Systems


    Core Network Technologies

  • Routers
  • Switches


    Billing and Customer Management

    Fortress Technologies

    Encryption Devices


    Point-To-Point Wireless Bridges

  • SLE LAN Extender
  • 60 GHz Wireless Links
  • 80 GHz Wireless Links

    Aruba Networks

    WiFi Systems

  • 802.11 b/g Wifi Systems
  • 802.11i Wifi Systems


    WiFi Systems


    Licensed Microwave

  • Horizon Compact
  • Horizon Compact Duo
  • Air Pair