Features & Benefits:

  • Future-proof Gigabit throughput, ready for LTE, LTE-A and small cell rollouts.
  • Always find spectrum in the 71-76/81-86 GHz E-band. Thanks to a narrow beam width, there is zero interference. It’s also lightly licensed in most of the world, with lower costs and an extra quick licensing process.
  • Advanced all silicon integration increases reliability and reduces prices, so you get a lower TCO.
  • How reliable? 90-yr MTBF.
  • Carrier Ethernet inside – streamline operations with bandwidth-aware QoS, service management, and OAM.
  • Integrated timing over packet SyncE, 1588 schemes for your packet backhaul networks.
  • Deploy in cascade, G.8032 ring or any high resilience topology with a built-in Gigabit switch and extra ports, and standards- based networking.
  • Proven high availability in any weather condition (including monsoons and hurricanes) so your users enjoy consistently high performance.
  • Think small – small power consumption (PoE), small size (31cm or 12” diameter), and very light weight.
  • Zero touch installation with activation from the NOC.

The EtherHaul-1200F radio delivers ultra-high capacity wireless point-to-point Ethernet connectivity that future-proofs your backhaul network. With a throughput of 1000 Mbps full duplex over the uncongested 71-76/81-86 GHz spectrum using FDD, mobile operators can deploy affordable, high capacity wireless links that are easy to install and maintain. 

The EH-1200F radio is based on Siklu’s advanced integrated-silicon technology, which increases reliability and reduces size and cost. The result is a very small, very light radio with a 90-year MTBF and an unbeatable price/throughput.