Features & Benefits:

  • Future-proof high 700 Mbps throughput, you won’t have any near term visits to the site to upgrade capacity.
  • Allocate different download/upload rates with asymmetric capacity configurations (our IPTV providers like this feature).
  • Always find spectrum in the 71-76 GHz E-band. Thanks to a narrow beam width, there is zero interference. It’s also lightly licensed in most of the world, with lower costs and an extra quick licensing process.
  • Advanced all silicon integration increases reliability and reduces prices, so you get a high ROI and the lowest price/Mbps.
  • How reliable? Carrier-grade 74-yr MTBF.
  • Proven high availability in any weather condition (including monsoons and hurricanes) so your users enjoy consistently high performance.
  • Think small – small power consumption (PoE), small size (31cm or 12” diameter), and very light weight.
  • Quick and simple installation, “as easy as Wi-Fi” is what our customers say about it.

The EtherHaul-1200TL radio delivers ultra-high capacity wireless point-to-point Ethernet connectivity that future-proofs your network. With an aggregated throughput of 700 Mbps over the uncongested 71-76GHz spectrum using TDD, service providers and businesses can deploy affordable, high capacity wireless links that are easy to install and maintain. The EH-1200TL radio is based on Siklu’s advanced integrated-silicon technology, which increases reliability and reduces size and cost. The result is a very small, very light radio with a 90-year MTBF and an unbeatable price/throughput.

The Siklu Etherhaul-1200TL is a perfect radio for applications requiring asymmetric functionality (70/30, 90/10). The role of an Internet Service Provider is to accommodate the vast need for high bandwidth associated with downloading and streaming services. In addition, this technology is also prevalent in video backhaul where data is traveling in primarily one direction.