Features & Benefits:

  • The world’s smallest backhaul radio. It’s practically invisible. Size: (H x W x D): 5.9” x 6.1” x 3.54”.
  • Gigabit capacity all the way from your small cell, WiFi AP or security camera. You won’t need capacity upgrades for a long, long while.
  • Easy 15-minute installation by a single installer, no Telco background necessary, using an auto alignment toolkit and zero touch remote activation.
  • Fast frequency planning and site acquisition in the interference free 57-64 GHz unlicensed band. 
  • Robust performance with the only 60GHz product in the market that supports 8 user configurable channels.
  • Copes with pole sway, twist, and tilt so your users enjoy consistently high performance.
  • This all-outdoor box contains a built-in Gigabit switch and extra ports, so you can deploy in cascade, ring, or any high resilience topology your network requires, all standards-based.
  • Ready to use more advanced networking at the very edge of your backhaul network? Sync-E/1588V2 & full Carrier Ethernet included.

The EtherHaul-600T is an All-Outdoor 60GHz Unlicensed Point-to-Point Link that offers 1000Mbps of capacity. The 600T also offers Synchronous Ethernet, Layer 2 Features, and AES-128/256 Encryption.

The EtherHaul-600T radio delivers ultra-high capacity wireless point-to-point Ethernet connectivity to any kind of street furniture. This palm-sized radio, provides backhaul to small cells, Wi-Fi hotspots, security cameras or any device deployed on lamp posts, poles, traffic lights and buildings.

Typical application include: Small Cell Backhaul, Wireless Security Networks, WI-FI Hotspot Backhaul, Urban Fiber Extension, and Urban Campus Connectivity