Wireless Solutions


Ericsson's commitment to innovation and involvement in the Wi-Fi Alliance help it establish unique and proprietary ways to handle the rising number of mobile devices and escalating usage demands. Ericsson Wi-Fi solutions use narrow band APs and VHCI (Very High Capacity Interference) features to minimize interference in the most hostile network conditions.

Indoor / Outdoor APs
Ericsson's AP511x (802.11n) are low-cost rugged indoor / outdoor APs that offer multiple antenna options to meet the needs all types of deployments.

Indoor APs
How do you handle demanding users, demanding machines and rising network traffic? It's no problem with Ericsson Wi-Fi. AP6120 (802.11n) and AP6321 (802.11ac) offer integrated 4-port GigE switch plus USB at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for high-quality, high-performing indoor wireless connectivity. Ericsson offers one of the first-to-market 802.11ac indoor APs that boasts over 1GB of throughput helping businesses deal with the rise in number of connections and network traffic.

Outdoor APs
When connectivity extends outdoors, businesses need rugged and stabile equipment, and Ericsson has it covered. Hardened and weatherized, the 802.11n 100S/NE (1x GigE) operating at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are battle tested in the harshest environments.

Wi-Fi Controller 
The WIC-8050 combines controller and gateway functions to manage, control and aggregate traffic from clusters of subtended access points in permanent or temporary / special event locations. This Wi-Fi Controller is flexible for enterprise customers’ needs with scalable hardware configurations and stackable versatility.

Wi-Fi Manager
The network management system your customers have been asking for with tiered architecture that scales to 100K access points and tile-based mapping in GIS-centric graphical interface. Wi-Fi Manager retrieves real-time data and traffic statistics, including client device location and system status, and makes trend analysis and troubleshooting easy with color-coded nodes based on multiple parameters.

Wireless Fiber

Ericsson’s Wireless Fiber is the world’s leading microwave solution, suitable for any enterprise setting, indoors or outdoors. The portfolio supports both Line of Sight (LOS) and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) configurations for efficient outdoor deployments, leveraging low-band frequencies that have the ability to bounce between buildings or diffract around building corners. Wireless Fiber delivers high quality performance and low cost of ownership for all types of enterprise scenarios.

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