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From an innovator and product integrator, Future Technologies has evolved into a provider of total end-to-end passive infrastructure solutions to the telecommunication industry both in India and overseas. Future Technologies is into designing, manufacturing and maintaining passive infrastructure solutions including enclosures, cooling and power solutions that conserve or generate power for the wireless telecom sector. It also extends its involvement to customers by providing installation and support for which it has established a widespread installation and service networks.

Future Technologies offers 24 x 7 Help Desk for customer support. Future Technologies also has put in place a comprehensive virtual and physical network for support in remote locations.

Current Product Offering:

  • Green Shelter
  • Power Interface Unit
  • Line Conditioner Unit
  • Passive Cooling Material
  • AC with Free Cooling
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Battery Cooler
  • Lightning and Surge Protector
  • Alkaline Fuel Cells

Each of the organization’s products considerably reduce the dependence on diesel generators for cooling requirements during power outages, and provide stable power supply.


Future Technologies over the past 11 years has been fulfilling the construction services for commercial customers, carrier customers and industrial customers. Through this experience we recognize the importance of delivering top quality solutions.

By servicing this vast customer base, Future Technologies has created a solution set that encompasses all phases of site construction, including the following services:

  • Design Services
  • Hardware Procurement Services
  • Site Preparation
  • A&E Services
        • Lease Exhibits
        • Zoning Drawings
        • Construction Drawings
  • Equipment Staging Services
  • Equipment Installation and Integration
  • Tower Erection
  • Tower Modifications