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Future Technologies has developed a converged voice, video, and data communications solution for deployment with US Army combat units.  The solution enables small maneuver units to interconnect their communications capabilities with Battalion or Brigade level assets.  The solution leverages the advantages of Broadband Wireless technology to establish and maintain high bandwidth and low latency connectivity across long distances (greater than 100 km) across varying terrain.  The low cost, light weight, and ease of use of the solution enables squad and company size units to deploy in urban and austere environments, well forward of established communication assets, and remain connected to the command communication structure.

The Combat Communications System – Tactical (CCST) has seen wide deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan with numerous combat units.  The solution utilizes HAIPE (High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor) and FIPS140-2 Compliant encryption capabilities to support both SIPRNET (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network) and NIPRNET (Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network) use.  The flexibility of the Broadband Wireless radios deployed with the communications platform enable users to deploy and interconnect at various frequency bands assuring a high confidence level of establishing and maintaining connectivity with allied and enemy signal propagation.



As a professional services solutions provider, Future Technologies also specializes in the Planning, Design, Implementation, and Operational Support of comprehensive IP networks for the United States Army in cantonment areas, as well as training ranges and supply depots across the US and Europe.  Again leveraging our significant capabilities with Broadband, WiMax, and WiFi technologies, our implemented solutions demonstrate a high degree of reliability, data security through the use of FIPS140-2 Encryption, low cost, and portability that enables the users to rapidly deploy a communications capability either temporarily or permanently that significantly offsets costs associated with terrestrial based wire connectivity.

Future Technologies’ solutions have been deployed to meet specific application requirements such as RFID and Asset Scanning, as well as general internet access delivery to diverse locations across an Army post.  Current designs reflect the flexibility of our overall capability to posts in the following areas:

  • BRAC Augmentation
  • Morale Welfare and Recreation Support
  • Range Communications and Support
  • Emergency Response
  • Temporary Communications for Transient Activities
  • Continued Specific Applications Support


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  • Horizon Compact Duo
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  • Mobile Internet Platform
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  • Switches
  • Phone Systems


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