Watch below to see how the AirLink® MP70 with Inertial Navigation (Dead Reckoning) technology can provide precise, continuous location tracking of your mobile assets, even in urban canyons and underground garages where satellites cannot be seen.

AirLink® MP70

The AirLink® MG90 is a high performance dual-LTE-Advanced vehicle networking platform that offers extensible multi-network connectivity, to provide secure uninterrupted communications for the world’s most demanding mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services fleets.The AirLink® MP70 is a high performance, LTE-Advanced vehicle router developed specifically for mobile mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services.Offering high power, long range Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 300 Mbps downlink speeds over LTE-Advanced, the AirLink MP70 unites the fleet with the enterprise network and enables multiple field applications to work simultaneously, further and faster from the vehicle than ever before.

Key Features

• Offers high performance vehicle area network (VAN)
• Provides connected vehicle awareness
• Purpose built for vehicles
• Provides secure intelligent communications
• Network Management in the cloud or in the enterprise data center