60 GHz Point-To-Multipoint Radio

  • Ultra-high multi-gigabit throughput
  • Plug & play with automatic alignment
  • Perfect for 5G fixed wireless and security networks

Millimeter Waves + PtMP, A Winning Combo

The MultiHaul™ brings the advantages of millimeter waves – multi-gigabit throughput and high reliability – to a cost effective point-to-multipoint form factor. Seamlessly and quickly extend your fiber network and start delivering 5G-ready fixed-wireless today.

Product Benefits:

  • Point-to-multipoint 2.3 Gbps over the air capacity to rooftops or street fixtures.
  • Plug & play radio uses beamforming antennas that auto-align, making installation a lightning quick one-person job.
  • The advanced beamforming technology combines a wide 90-degree scanning angle with pencil-thin beams, maximizing coverage with no interference.
  • Physically immune narrow beams are as reliable, interference free and secure as fiber, making them a natural extension of your fiber plant.
  • Hacker and jam-proof thin beams provide robust security in addition to the AES encryption.
  • Easy street level and rooftop site acquisition and installation with a ½-liter slim and small radio.
  • Dynamically adjusts upload and download capacity to align throughput with demand, significantly enhancing the use experience.
  • System includes base unit with 3 ports and up to 8 terminal units with 1 or 3 ports, and space and power saving PoE.
  • Cost reducing PtMP system requires fewer units per deployment, decreasing both CapEx and OpEx.