Network Design Services

Future Technologies take pride into truly understanding our customer’s requirements. Through FT’s experience in designing networks across multiple markets with varying size from Fortune 100 to a local Electric Coop, FT has the experience tools to help all customers modernize their networks to meet the needs of tomorrow, today.

Our network evaluation approach is simple:

  • We review the current network

    • IT Network

    • Wireline Network

    • Wireless Network

    • Vertical Assets

  • Discuss challenges/short-comings of current network
    • Inability to manage traffic
    • Not enough capacity
    • Requirement to transition from TDM to IP

  • Review with our customer what their desires are for the future
    • Future capacity requirements
    • New applications and Use Cases for network

  • Based upon the above feedback propose a best of breed solution to elegantly transition legacy networks to be modernized
    • Full Network Design (Topology and RF)
    • Full Bill of Materials (BOM)
    • Turn Key Service Proposal

During this review and design process FT employees several different types of professional evaluation and design services:

  • Conceptual Design (RF, Network)

  • Site Audit

  • Tower Mapping

  • Line of Site Surveys
    • Flash
    • Driven

  • Point to Point Pathloss Design

  • Indoor Wi-Fi Design

  • Outdoor Wi-Fi Design

  • Cell Planning

  • Network Topology Review