Future Technologies is proud to announce our expansion into ELKO, NEVADA as part of our STRATEGIC GROWTH plan to open deployment offices close to our most important customers. 

Future Technologies will be providing IN-MARKET, Project Management, Design/Engineering, Construction/Deployment, Staff Augmentation, and Support/Sustainment/Maintenance services for our industrial customers in the region for all their network needs.

“We look forward to leveraging this strategic deployment office to support our current and prospective customers in this region to help them design, build, consolidate and support their complex industrial communications networks,” said Peter Cappiello, CEO. 

Through this investment Future Technologies will be uniquely positioned to provide END-TO-END capabilities to implement our reference architecture solutions for our MINING and UTILITY customers alike. 

 Solution offerings will include:

* Private LTE

* Wi-Fi 

* Mesh

* Licensed Microwave

* Fiber

* Autonomous Networks

* Automation Networks 


Future Technologies completes another specialty site deployment via the pictured Water Tank re-location in the South East region for a tier 1 carrier. Future Technologies Network Build team worked with our tier 1 carrier customer on an expedited basis to remove an existing cell site off a water tank that required maintenance. We deployed a Cell on Wheels (COW) solution to put site back into service and once the utility completed the rehabilitation project on the Water Tank our team re-deployed to install the 4G LTE site back on to the water tank and put the site back into service.


Future Technologies delivers these solutions to our customers based upon these key components:


  • Experience: Future Technologies has delivered over 200 specialty deployments in the last few years

  • In House Resources: Future Technologies self-performs all of this specialty work with W-2 trained and specialized employees

  • End to End Approach: Future Technologies completes the survey, site plan, initial deployment, final deployment, integration and site clean up to make it simple for our customers

  • Team: Future Technologies has a specialized project team that focuses on these complex deployments to execute these projects efficiently and with safety


Please feel free to reach out to us with any emergency deployments, disaster recovery, Cell on Wheels (COWs), Tower on Wheels (TOWs) and any forced relocations (Tower or Rooftop).

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The Future Technologies (FT) Project Management Organization (PMO) has voted your NBD FT crew #3 the February 2019 FT crew of the month!

 Congratulations on this honor and thank you for your continued efforts and focus to be a daily contributor to our customer business tasking.

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AuthorChris Cappiello

The Future Technologies (FT) Project Management Organization (PMO) has voted this NBD FT Uniti crew the January 2019 FT crew of the month!

 Congratulations on this honor and thank you for your continued efforts and focus to be a daily contributor to our customer business tasking.

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Future Technologies was happy to host one of our large multi-national Oil and Gas customers for a 2-day technical workshop to discuss best practices for connectivity in their digital oil fields with a Cambium Networks solution. Through Future Technologies’ investment into our state-of-the-art lab and training center (pictured below), we were able to duplicate the end-customer’s licensed microwave (Cambium PTP820C-HP) and point-to-multipoint wireless solution (Cambium Medusa).  

 FT is uniquely positioned to combine theory/classroom training, detailed network planning, best practices and hands on installation training all at one location. As a result of this capability we are able to work with our customers to discuss the whole deployment lifecycle including:


·         Conceptual Network Design

·         RF Planning

·         Detailed Network Design / Configuration Planning

·         Project Planning / Schedule Creation

·         Installation Standards Document Creation

·         Close Out Package Document Creation

·         Network Testing Procedures

Spending a couple of days virtually in the customer’s network as a team allows us to be more aware of requirements, issues and challenges.  Working together in a controlled environment to PLAN & EXECUTE project objectives is the most efficient way to achieve the desired results, which is a high performance, reliable and secure network.

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As part of Future Technologies growth plan, we have opened an office in Lakeland, Florida to support our clients in Northern Florida. This Florida office expands our existing footprint in the southeast and provides us with the opportunity to create additional employment opportunities and better support our customers. #growth #utilities #FIRSTNET #wireless #smartgrid

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Future Technologies Venture, LLC has taken another step forward in its strategic growth plan by appointing Jimmy Bakakis to the position of Vice President – Global Strategy.  Based in Montreal, Canada, and with over 13 years of experience managing complex sales organizations on a global scale, Mr. Bakakis will have responsibility for driving the strategy for the growth of Future Technologies target verticals (Mining, Transportation, Utilities, Service Provider, Oil & Gas, Government) in international markets that include Canada, EMEA and the Caribbean.  

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Future Technologies is proud to award Joel Rivera the Employee of the Quarter Award for 4th Quarter 2018. Joel and his crew exemplified consistency, workmanship, and safety throughout the 4th quarter doing LTE adds on a FIRSTNET related project. Joel personally shows daily leadership to help guide his team to safe and productive outcomes each day.

Through Joel's crews efforts and our other team members, Future Technologies finished the 2018 year strong.

Keep up the great work Joel!

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Future Tech will be offering exclusive demo kits for either indoor or outdoor WiFi access points powered by a POE switch and managed by cnMaestro at DistribuTECH (Booth 722). Cambium offers various high quality WiFi access points without all the licensing fees carried by their competitors. Their new cnMatrix switch line offers policy based automation, auto device segmentation, and can power their WiFi access points along with their traditional broadband radios that take 48VDC. These products are supported by their award winning management platform, the cnMaestro.  

Demo these products now by grabbing a “WiFi Network in a Box” at introductory pricing.

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"What is it you do?" 

I often get asked this question at trade shows and other venues.  If you look at our website and some of our marketing materials, I'm not surprised when I'm asked this because we do a lot!  Being an end-to-end systems integrator requires us to be subject matter experts across multiple markets and technologies. 

Today's complex networks require expertise in many areas that just a few years ago were not factors (private LTE is a good example).  When you participate in as many markets as we do (Utility, Oil & Gas, Rail, Federal, Mining, Service Provider, etc.), and provide all the solutions we provide, it is easy for the message of our mission to get lost. 

My simple answer to "What is it you do?" is, we solve problems.  Is there something that your company doesn't want to do, doesn't know how to do or can't do cost effectively?  Talk to us.  We’ve got a world class team we will put to work for you. 

We solve problems.  

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Nelson Arada has been selected as Future Technologies Employee of the Quarter for Q3 2018. Nelson led his project team to success in Q3 by meeting his end-customer’s site construction complete target for a national public safety LTE network. Through Nelson’s leadership Future Technologies not only met it’s build out plan requirements but achieved this with a high quality matrix score and a clear health and safety record.

For this Future Technologies recognizes Nelson and his team for this great contribution to the company’s success. Thank you!

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With Future Technologies entering its 20th year in business, FT has created this a new award titled, THE NINO CANU AWARD – Employee of the Year in honor of our founder, Nino Canu. Nino has always demonstrated HARDWORK, INTEGRITY and TEAM FIRST MENTALITY that lead to the founding of the company and ultimately to the core of our company culture.

Alyssa Parcells has been selected as the recipient of THE NINO CANU AWARD - Employee of the Year Award for 2018.  

With Future Technologies’ core values in mind, Alyssa Parcells was a clear selection to the first winner of this award. Over Alyssa’s time with the company she has demonstrated each of these qualities continuously as a team player. Alyssa is constantly interfacing across multiple divisions within the company to solve problems from Finance to Supply Chain and our Project Management Organization. Regardless of which team Alyssa is working with to solve a problem, she is always a positive contributor for what is best for the company and maintains a positive attitude to work toward a solution.

In addition to Alyssa’s day to day commitment to help FT succeed, she is also going to school part time to finish her college degree.

Future Technologies truly appreciates Alyssa’s contribution to the company and we look forward to seeing her continue to grow inside our organization. Great job Alyssa!

AuthorChris Cappiello

For over the past 6 years Scott has been a core member of our management team supervising all the moving “parts” related to our corporate supply chain needs.

Without Scott and his team our success would not be possible.

Congrats Scott - Well deserved!

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Thank you to all who presented and attended our 2018 Technology Summit! We are already planning and preparing for 2019 to continue making this event a success.

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We are very pleased to announce that Andrew Shaver has joined the Future Tech team as Director of Product Line Management. Andrew brings over 10 years of experience in network planning and product line management, most recently leading the PLM organization at DragonWave-X.

In addition to product evaluation and life-cycle management, Andrew will contribute to conceptual design, budgeting, final engineering review, proposal creation, pricing and project management.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Andrew will also play a key role in Future Tech’s expansion into the Canadian market.

Please be sure to welcome Andrew to the team at our Technology Summit in Atlanta next week.

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Life Cycle of a Project Training by Future Technologies Venture LLC

October 11, 2018
Room: To Be Determined

Dave Rumore, Future Technologies Venture LLC

This training course will concentrate on the life cycle of a wireless communications project. We will discuss varying technologies including PTP, PTMP and edge. Key components of rolling out these technologies will be discussed. This includes the Field Site Survey, Desktop RF design, Scope of work creation , RFP stage, Site Development planning, Network deployment, Network Integration, Testing, Close Out Package and Network sustainment. Leveraging existing assets including fiber, towers, frequencies etc. will be discussed at length.

  • Understand Your Current Assets and Utilize them to Upgrade your network.

  • Understand the full life cycle of a wireless deployment

  • Understand the varying technologies where they fit in a network.

    Training Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All levels
    Intended Audience: Technical Decision makers / buying decision makers
    Category of Training: Services/Procurement


AuthorChris Cappiello

Future Tech is proud to announce we are hosting our annual Tech Summit Oct 23rd and 24th at our office in Suwanee, GA. We have worked hard to compile a group of leading manufacturers to present on their various emerging technologies. This is a great opportunity to learn, ask the manufacturers questions, and network with your peers.

We provide the setting, the information, and most importantly the food. You just need to show up and enjoy a great learning experience.


Please click the link to register!

Source: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/technology-su...
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A crane that reads. Machines that talk to each other. An invisible shifting web that adapts to its surroundings. While these tools may sound like the makings of a futuristic robotic workforce, we teamed up with Rajant Corporation to provide Norfolk Southern Corporation with an advanced kinetic mesh network that allows for seamless communication between a rail-yard's many moving parts! Watch more below now.

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Our System Integration Division (SID) is hard at work building the latest high capacity (>1.5 GB) microwave system for our customer in Guyana (South America). This specific link is a 2+0 multi-channel XPIC design with two x 10 foot antennas per end providing >1.5 GB of total capacity across 34 Miles at >99.995% availability.

Future Technologies is responsible for the design, furnishing, installation and integration of this nationwide microwave network. Through this network our customer will provide connectivity to both public and private customers, such as gold mines in the region. 

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