Smart City

The concept of “Smart City” is emerging on a global level. The requirements to inter-connect across each community are becoming greater each day. Through Future Technologies best practices approach to working with our customer’s to define the problem statement and architect a functional solution, we are able to meet/exceed these demands.


As an “END to END” integrator, Future Technologies has helped State/Local/Federal government agencies in the United States and Caribbean address the below sample use cases time and time again by use of best of breed solution sets (LTE, Microwave, Fixed Broadband, Wi-Fi) and our in-house engineering/installation capabilities.




Use Cases:

·         Video Surveillance

·         Public WiFi connectivity

·         Connectivity at Special Events

·         Traffic Control and Digital Signage

·         Infrastructure Monitoring and Control

·         Street Light Controls

·         Automatic Metering Infrastructure

·         Parking Lot Automation


Jackson County Microwave Case Study