Proven performance from end-to-end

Craft your network with complete confidence

Built on a firm foundation of security, speed and service, Redline's end-to-end iLTE solution delivers on performance, peace of mind, and most importantly, profitability. 

Need support for voice, data, video and IoT? No problem. The iLTE system includes eNodeBs (cell site), a complete EPC (LTE-Core), Push-to-Talk with dispatch console solution and a wide range of interoperable LTE user equipment (UE).

Maximum coverage, superior scalability

Diligently designed for deployment over even intimidatingly large areas, iLTE architecture is absolutely ideal when rolling out a small to medium number of remote devices, but can be rapidly scaled up to over 100,000 users.

Benefits of iLTE include:

  • 3GPP compliance, supporting Redline integration with your existing LTE system
  • support for many FDD and TDD 3GPP band classes and channel sizes
  • performs optimally with your spectrum availability even if it is limited

When nothing else works, we always do

Redline's eNodeB units are rugged, compact, lightweight, and third-party proven to provide unbeatable coverage. Powered by our very own LTE Core, thousands of devices can be promptly deployed to ensure your operation never slows down. And when combined with Redline's interoperability program, first responders, law enforcement or any organization looking for a top performing LTE network can have their pick of third-party, industrial-grade handsets and best-in-class vehicular mobile routers.

Flex Core

Flex Core

6000 L1

6000 L1