Site Development - Site Acquisition

Future Technologies take pride into truly understanding our customer’s requirements. The ability to define site requirements and then provide real estate solutions to these requirements is what makes a network work. Whether that is related to efficiently re-using existing real estate assets or acquire new sites, we are focused on working with our customers to solve their requirements through our suite of site acquisition services:

Site Acquisition Services

  • Site Identification and Assessment

  • File and Lease Audits

  • Negotiations

    • New Builds

    • Amendments

    • Entry Agreements

    • DAS

    • Small Cell

    • Microwave

  • Zoning Assessment and Management

  • Permit Coordination / Acquisition

  • Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Site Development - Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering Services

  • Land Use Planning

  • Tower Mapping

  • Structural Design & Planning

  • Tower & Foundation Design & Detailing

  • Rooftop & Tower Design

  • Electrical Design

  • Telecom Design

  • HVAC Design

  • Power and Telecom Coordination